We are a fun-loving and celebratory community. Playing and praying together is an important part of our common life and how we celebrate our gratitude to God for bringing us together.

We serve many outside our walls through our outreach and partnership programs. We are aware we are a mostly white, suburban church, yet we value diversity and we hope to be more diverse in membership and to promote greater understanding and appreciation of people different from us. As disciples, we actively promote social justice.

BOWLING EVENT! Wednesday, August 21st, 7pm

Brunswick Zone Niles Lanes

7333 North Milwaukee Ave. Niles, IL

To make sure we are being as inviting and inclusive to everyone, we are changing our laser tag outing to a bowling outing. This will be on the same day and time, just different place. We will be at the Brunswick Zone Niles Lane. The cost will be $20 per person. Our night and cost will include 2 hours of bowling, shoes, and unlimited drinks.

 This will be a great place to have fun, get to know people, more.

Come join the fun.


St. Mary’s Kickoff Sunday Sunday, September 8

ummer is winding down. School is starting up, and so is our program year at St.
Mary’s. Choir and Sunday School are back in session. And, we begin our
partnership in Sunday Night Suppers on September 8.
Helps us start our program year off with a BANG! Join us for worship at 10:00 am
that Sunday, and then stick around afterwards for a festive cookout!
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs will be provided. Please bring the following based on
last name:
Last Name
A-H: Side Dishes
I-0: Snacks or Desserts
P-Z: Soft Drinks or Bottled Water
See you all on the 8 th !


As part of No Strangers at Home, we have installed a SPOTLIGHT board on the wall between the bell tower doors and the Grauer Lounge. We will be spotlighting different parishioners and outreach partners every few weeks so that we can all put names with faces. There will also be a little bio of each - the facts of which may or may not be the subject of a trivia game in the future! Be sure to stop and see our current SPOTLIGHT honorees: Reverend David Grauer. And get ready for your time in the SPOTLIGHT !

Vestry Meeting Agenda for August, 2019 | Parish Leadership and Governance Documents

Information regarding governance and the most recent Parish Annual Report can be found here. 

St. Mary's Core Values:
Seek God.  Love one another.  Serve others.

St. Mary’s Provides:
Worship, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Formation, and Fellowship

Anchors For Decision Making:

  • Use and share our physical resources/space to do outreach service  
  • Engage the geographic community of Park Ridge and the surrounding region
  • Form vital spiritual practices to launch disciples into the world
  • Ask "What is God up to here?"

Introducing Saint Mary's Ministry Directory

As part of our "No Strangers at Home" campaign, the Vestry is pleased to introduce the attached Ministry Directory that will provide information on the fellowship activities and service opportunities that exist at our parish. If you always wondered who is in charge of a particular committee or ministry, or better yet how can I get involved, take a few moments to review the Directory and see what might be of interest. Our special thanks to Nicole Mascheri for all of her hard work in developing this wonderful resource for our parish.

Care Corp

St. Mary's Care Corp brings dinners made by members of the church to people who are overwhelmed or stressed by any form of crisis. Families and individuals in distress are comforted when their basics needs are attended.
If you know of any one in need please feel free to reach out to St. Mary's clergy or Sandra Kreger (Care Corps coordinator).
Sandra can be reached at or 847-698-7677.


The first face you’re likely to see on Sunday morning is that of one of our Ushers. Ushers provide parishioners with bulletins, help people find available seats for Sunday worship, and, on behalf of the whole community, present our offerings of thanksgiving to the Lord at the altar. Dick Chandler coordinates this ministry.