Outreach Partners

Sunday Night Suppers

St. Mary's and the Park Ridge Presbyterian Church are again collaborating to host this ministry of the Park Ridge Ministerial Association.

In light of recent recurrences of Covid-19, the steering committee made the decision to continue curbside service until October 31; a possible return to indoor seating in the Presbyterian Church dining room will be considered in mid-October. As we did last season, St. Mary's will provide one volunteer every other week to organize curbside service of a boxed meal provided by that week's sponsor group.

Books and Tutoring For CCA Academy

The ongoing relationship of St. Mary’s and CCA Academy is alive and well. This year, instead of collecting school supplies for the students, (as we have done in the past) we were asked about the possibility of supplying classroom sets of novels for English classes. Through the combined effort of the staff at CCA, Paula Risk, and parishioner, Greg Pierce, 30 copies of 5 different novels were purchased by St. Mary’s for the students at CCA. A 6th book is not available until spring of next year, and we will revisit that in the spring. Greg Pierce owns ACTA Publishing and got the books for us at a 40% discount, did not charge shipping fees, and had them delivered to St. Mary’s. Thank you Greg!!

Community Christian Alternative Academy (CCA)

Community Christian Alternative (CCA) Academy is a high school on Chicago's west side. The school is located in the Lawndale neighborhood, one of the Chicago's most poverty and crime ridden communities, often topping the list for murders, prostitution and drug dealing. CCA Academy provides high school drop outs a last chance opportunity to get their diploma and placement into a college or technical training program. Against tremendous odds the CCA Academy has survived for over 25 years providing a stable environment and a road map for disadvantaged youth. To learn more click here .

Barb Bowers at Urban Garden CCA

Bishop Anderson House

A long standing Outreach Partner of St. Mary's is Bishop Anderson House, a member of Episcopal Charities.

The Mission of Bishop Anderson House is to advance healing by ministering to the sick and those who care for them.

Click here to learn more.

United Power for Action & Justice

How do we put our faith into action? How do we go from frustration about the difference between how things should be and the way things are to effective action to put things right? A major part of our answer is our work in Community Organizing through United Power for Action and Justice. UPAJ is a broad-based organization made up of dues-paying members, city and suburban, including 300 churches synagogues, mosques, unions, hospitals, businesses, community health care clinics and local community organizations.

Companion Ministry with the Anglican Diocese of Southeast Mexico

Our companion parish, San Juan Bautista, is a small but vibrant parish in the Diocese of Southeast Mexico. San Juan Bautista is in a remote Mexican village called San Filipé Cihualtepec. Driving the dirt roads to the town, you take in the sights of homes made of bundles of scrap wood. As you worship in the concrete block church, the songs of pigs and chickens mingle with human voices raised in praise. Since the inaugural trip made in May, 2005, St. Mary's members of all ages have been journeying south about twice a year to cultivate this budding ministry.