Pastoral Care

Care Corp

St. Mary's Care Corp brings dinners made by members of the church to people who are overwhelmed or stressed by any form of crisis. Families and individuals in distress are comforted when their basics needs are attended.
If you know of any one in need please feel free to reach out to St. Mary's clergy or Sandra Kreger (Care Corps coordinator).
Sandra can be reached at or 847-698-7677.

Altar Flower Delivery

Each Sunday the altar flowers are taken to sick or shut-in parishioners or to families celebrating childbirth or anniversaries. This ministry extends the hope and companionship of our Sunday worship services to parishioners unable to be present at the service.

Funeral Receptions

St. Mary’s has space available to host funeral receptions.  This provides the family and friends of the deceased an intimate and convenient place to gather after the service.  Smaller gatherings are held in the Grauer Lounge  while the Beyer Auditorium is used for larger gatherings.  If light refreshments are to be served the food is  catered by an outside vendor,  who may provide for serving as well.  See Life's Big Events for more information.