Being with Jesus: A Spiritual Toolkit for Disciples, Session 2

On Wednesday, March 15 we enjoyed some delicious soups and salads provided by Dava Kondiles, Carol Johnson, and Paula Risk, and engaged in the second session of our Lenten program, "Being with Jesus: A Spiritual Toolkit for Disciples."

As a followup to each week of this year's Lenten program we plan to provide electronically some of the material we discussed so that those who weren't able to be with us can follow along and be enriched and those who were present can have an opportunity to dig more deeply into the material that was presented.

Lenten Bookstore

On the audio-visual cabinet in the Grauer Lounge we have made available for sale copies of the books we are referencing during the course of the series. Instructions for how to purchase copies of books are located there as well.

Rule of Life: A Framework for Freedom

A Rule of Life is an intentional approach to daily living that promotes wellness and spiritual growth in ourselves and in community. Developing a Rule of Life involves the development of practices, habits, and disciplines which sustain our relationships with God and one another.

What it is not...

  • Harsh and rigid; legalism
  • An impossible standard
  • Something to feel guilty about
  • A special technique or spiritual fad diet
  • A denial of joy, fun, and creativity

What it is…….

  • Working guidelines for our spiritual life
  • An exterior framework for an interior journey
  • A spur to growth
  • The willing acceptance of healthy limits
  • A way to take responsibility for our own well-being
  • A compass for our journey with God
  • A kind and compassionate companion on the way
  • Begins with us where we are

“A Rule offers creative boundaries within which God’s loving presence can be recognized and celebrated. It does not prescribe but invites, it does not force but guides, it does not threaten but warns, it does not instill fear but points to love. It is a call to freedom.” - Henry Nouwen

The idea of a Rule of Life is about finding balance in our lives and is based on the Benedictine foundations of stability, obedience, and conversion of life.

  • Stability: Our intention to remain faithful in relationship with God and God's community
  • Obedience: Our intention to hear and respond to God by living the life to which God calls us
  • Conversion: Our intention and willingness to be changed and transformed by God so that we can serve God’s world. (from the Community of Reconciliation at Washington National Cathedral)

Examples of Rules of Life

  • For more information and some examples of rules of life, take a look at the Powerpoint presentation from last night's session here.
  • A Visual Rule of Life