Reverend Bunny Hughes, Director of Adult Formation

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The Rev. Bunny Hughes serves the St. Mary’s Parish in monthly preaching and in her work as the Director of Christian Formation.  Her background as an English teacher and Hospice worker shapes her interest in education, communication, and pastoral care. She assists Father Patrick and the parish in the planning and organization of adult Christian learning opportunities around several core areas: Biblical education, Episcopal tradition, spiritualty, theology, and social justice.
Bunny earned her Bachelor of Arts in English and Education at Augustana College and her
Master of Divinity at North Park Theological Seminary.  Ordained in 2010, she has served the Presbyterian Church as solo pastor, co-pastor, interim pastor, and Moderator of the Mental Health Committee. Trained as a facilitator to instruct clergy and church leaders in the groundbreaking study, “Adverse Childhood Experiences” (ACE) which explores the role childhood trauma plays in the health of the individual, Bunny has an abiding interest in seeing each sister and brother in the beloved community as equally cherished by our Triune God.
Additional interests include her work with racial reconciliation, dimensions of systemic and individual elitism, and the grappling with the presence of suffering as part of the human condition. Bunny and her husband, Chuck, are delighted to be a part of the St. Mary’s Church family. They are also deeply thankful for their immediate family which includes Carl, Cayenne, Cyrus and Zenia Hughes, and John, Mandy and Ellie Hughes.