Companion Ministry with the Anglican Diocese of Southeast Mexico

Our companion parish, San Juan Bautista, is a small but vibrant parish in the Diocese of Southeast Mexico. San Juan Bautista is in a remote Mexican village called San Filipé Cihualtepec. Driving the dirt roads to the town, you take in the sights of homes made of bundles of scrap wood. As you worship in the concrete block church, the songs of pigs and chickens mingle with human voices raised in praise. Since the inaugural trip made in May, 2005, St. Mary's members of all ages have been journeying south about twice a year to cultivate this budding ministry. Our hope is to build up relationships with the people of Southeast Mexico through mutual ministry. Mutual ministry projects currently include work projects, sharing Christian Education resources and programs, economic development programs, and a music enrichment program, with other possibilities waiting to be explored for the future.