Learn and Love the Bible | Thursdays 11am to Noon

 Many of us, clergy included, want to know and appreciate the Bible but feel it to be a daunting endeavor.  We may know some of what the Good Book says (often we know more than we think we do) but we have a tough time putting it together and seeing how it flows.

Well, our new Thursday morning class, LEARN AND LOVE THE BIBLE, starts where we all need to start:  with the basics, at the beginning, and with no prior experience necessary. All are invited to begin from scratch and enter into an overview of the Old and New Testament, with a brief examination of the books of the Bible in order.  Our purpose is to feel confident that the Bible is for everyone and each of us can relax and navigate our way through.

Come, get comfortable, and become acquainted with characters, events, teachings, and basics of the overall gift to humankind the Book offers.  For one hour a week, each Thursday morning from 11:00-noon, we will easily and gently learn, laugh, and love in the presence of one another while listening for the messages God imparts. 

Please join us as you are able!

WHEN:  Thursday mornings 
WHERE: Grauer Lounge
WHAT TO BRING: Your dear self, maybe a friend, a Bible if you have one 
WHY: Word is we often feel we are missing out on a great opportunity!

QUESTIONS: Contact Bunny Hughes at rev.b.hughes@gmail.com