What -Nursery
Who- Children ages newborn to 3 years old.
When- Every Sunday from 9-30am-11-00am
Where- Nursery
Contact- Zach Dyrda , or 847-268-3527
Description- All children from newborn to 3years old are welcome to our fun and friendly Nursery.

Two adults love, nurture, and play with the children. There is a safe baby proofed room, where young ones can safely explore and have fun while their parents enjoy the church service. Snacks, drinks, and diaper changes are some of the additional services we provide. The nursery is free and open for use at all times of operations (9-30am-11-00am). The Nursery is Saint Mary’s way of helping our youngest members to feel God’s love.

How to get involved: If you are interested in helping in our ministry you can contact Zach Dyrda. All volunteers need to be certified in Keeping God’s People Safe and have a background check. They will then be given contact with the nursery staff to be added into the rotation. There must be two nursery staff in the room at the same time. All nursery positions are paid.