Petite Opera Presents Don Giovanni : November 3 - 18

In this world premier of Petite Opera's new English translation and setting, the seducer, Don Giovanni (Italian for “Don Juan”) is transported into modern day, and patterned after several unscrupulous characters in the news associated with the #metoo movement. Set on a present day Hollywood film lot, the action, seduction and struggles are told from the perspectives of the actresses, film crew, and associates of the Hollywood film producer “Donny G” as he abuses his power. The story culminates in a powerful message that reflects our modern day intolerances and historical willingness to look the other way.
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Wonderfully portrayed by an incredibly talented professional cast, and shared in an intimate environment, this new translation gives chilling dimension to the original characters. The production blends serious and comic action, melodrama and supernatural events. Combined with Mozart's powerful music, the production will embroil you in the action and leave you breathless.
Professional company. 2.5 hours. General Admission. Adult Language and Mature Themes. Suitable for Adults, Seniors and Mature Students (age 16 and over).