United Power for Action and Justice

United Power for Action and Justice is a non-partisan community organization composed of 40 religious congregations, not-for-profit groups, hospitals, health centers and civic organizations from across Cook County who work together to address pressing social problems. Our member organizations represent over 250,000 people-families, people of a variety of faiths, participants in secular community organizations-who live and work in the City of Chicago and the Cook County Suburbs. We capitalize on the power of our diverse member organizations to address pressing social problems. St. Mary’s partners with United Power on several key issue campaigns, including Do Not Stand Idly By, which advocates for gun safety. Recently, we collaborated with United Power and other churches in a work called Greenlining, an effort to address redlining housing policies on the West and South sides of Chicago by raising seed money for the construction of affordable housing and the revitalization of city neighborhoods. To learn more about United Power, visit https://www.united-power.org. To learn about how you can partner with St. Mary’s in our work with United Power, please be in touch with Jay Risk (jay.risk3@gmail.com) or Bill Totsch (wttei@sbcglobal.net).