Vestry Nominees for 2020 : Nancy Swanson

Nancy Swanson     (three  -  year Vestry  term) 

Nancy Swanson, along with her husband Paul, and 2 girls Kara and Carly, have been Park Ridge residents for over 22 years. Nancy and Paul recently celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. She owns Northshore Music Therapy Services, Inc. and has been a board-certified music therapist for over 25 years where she provides music therapy to people living with dementia, oncology patients, individuals with special needs, and more. Nancy grew up in Peru, Illinois where leading a life of faith was instilled in her by her grandma who went to Catholic mass every day. She also taught Nancy the importance of altruism, service, and most importantly love. Nancy continues to live out her faith every day through her work and personal life, approaching each day with purpose and spiritual intent. Her personal motto is: “May I make a difference in the lives of those I touch today.”