Vestry Nominees for 2020: Sal Parenti

Salvatore Parenti   (two -  year  Warden  term) I grew up in an Italian American household, and our dinner table provided the stage for real discussion – honest, open, frank and sometimes tearful. My mother, an independent-minded artist and, my father, a competitive and creative craftsman, encouraged my two older sisters and me  every opportunity to engage in debate. We examined in detail, over the course of many meals, both lofty and lowly topics. Issues became multi-dimensional, without rigid distinctions between right and wrong. Subjects as diverse as foreign policy and car sharing privileges were placed on the table, alongside the platter of pasta, and over time, I learned the complex nature of life's issues.

It took me many decades to find my way into the legal profession, and I believe those early family discussions and lessons learned guide me each day to be fair and just-minded. My wife Susan and I have lived in Park Ridge for thirty years, we have four absolutely darling children, and an even more beautiful grandson, our first, we're new to the grandparent's club. With our youngest now off at school, we're part of "that" club also. Many of you have heard this account, and for those who've not, many years ago a St. Mary's member and dear friend invited me to a Gospel Choir Sunday service, and friends of that friend, Terri and Dave Mazza made sure I was so welcomed here at St. Mary's, that returning each Sunday remains such a joy, blessing and highlight of each week. I'm proud and honored to be part of our choirs, and while the music is inspiring, the words we sing are even more so.