Walking in Wonder | July 20 and August 24

“Bless to us, O God,

The earth beneath our feet.

Bless to us, O God,

The path whereon we go,

Bless to us, O God,

The people whom we meet. “

                                         Celtic Prayer

Wonder walks are times of intentionally searching for awe and wonder while immersing your journey in prayer and mindfulness. It is a time to walk leisurely, at a pace that suits you, and absorb the wonders of God that are before you.

 Deacon Laurie will be offering two Wonder Walks at the Chicago Botanic Garden on Tuesday, July 20, from 10-12, and on Tuesday, August 24,, from 10-12. Participants will drive separately and meet up with Deacon Laurie by the main entrance to the garden and restaurants near the Tram Ticket Stand.  Laurie will offer three reflections at three pre-designated times and points in the garden. Between each reflection, participants are invited to wander at their own pace. Those who desire to may want to enjoy lunch on their own in one of the outside garden restaurants following the walk.

Please note, CBG members no longer have to pre-register with the garden for a timed entry and parking is free. Nonmembers will need to register for a timed-entry on the Chicago Botanic Garden website, due to the Covid restrictions, and there is a charge for parking. The garden recommends all unvaccinated visitors wear masks indoors according to the CDC guidelines.

This event is open to all. Please feel free to invite others to join us.

If you are planning to participate, or would like additional information, please email Deacon Laurie at lauriemichaels@stmaryspr.org.