Who are Ministers?

The Book of Common Prayer lists lay-people as the primary ministers of the Gospel in the Episcopal Church. Clergy are set apart by the community to help lead and guide the congregation into the full strength and joy of the ministry and mission carried out by the priesthood of all believers.

Episcopal Church means a church with Bishops. Following the ancient form of Catholic churches everywhere, our region of the church (called the Diocese) elects a spiritual leader to oversee our faithfulness to and growth in the mission of the church. Bishops represent our connection to the church throughout the world.

The Rector is a priest called as the spiritual leader of the community. The rector works with lay leaders to advance the mission and build on the strengths of the local church. The rector’s constant question is, “How are we following God’s call as a community that represent Christ in the world?”

The Curate is a Priest who is serving a two-year internship meant to prepare him or her to lead the next congregation they serve. The curate exercises leadership in ministries that fit her gifts and collaborates with the rector and lay-leadership on advancing the mission of the parish.

Deacons are ordained people who continue to work in secular employment as part of their ministry to represent the bridge between the Sunday Church and the Church in daily life. Our deacon’s lead ministries which draw on their gifts and abilities and they advise the rector.