Sustainability Series

Hands-On Sustainability in Our Community: What Can You Do Today to Effect Change?

In September and October 2012, St. Mary’s offered a five-program series introducing our communities to “hands-on” sustainability practices about home energy, lawns, interior design, composting and recommended “green-er” practices and habits. These Crucial Conversations gave us ideas about what we can do to effect change in our homes and communities. These recordings and materials are provided for informational purposes only. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of St. Mary's Episcopal Church, its parishioners, or the Diocese of Chicago. We do not guarantee that the contents of these materials are correct, accurate, complete, or up-to-date. These materials or portions thereof may be protected by copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. Use, reproduction, or distribution of these materials is at your own risk.

Sustainability Series #4 -- Composting With or Without Worms

Learn about the the benefits of recycling by outdoor composting and vermicomposting with Urban Worm Gurl Stephanie Davies.

Stephanie Davies, founder and co-owner of Urban Worm Girl, revels in the wisdom of the red wiggler composting worm. She will be telling us about the ease and benefits of recycling kitchen waste by composting with worms.

Recorded October 17, 2012