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Livestream on Hiatus this Summer

For more than three years now, in response to the circumstances of the Covid pandemic, a small and loyal team of volunteers has livestreamed our Sunday service each week. This summer, our livestreaming ministry will be on pause, and we will be giving our volunteers a much deserved break. During that time, we will be reevaluating our livestreaming needs and capabilities as we discern the best course going forward. Our last livestream before the summer will be Sunday, May 28, the Feast of Pentecost. Recordings of previous services can be viewed by clicking here .

Communion Wine Shared Again in Church

In the fall of 2022, Bishop Clark gave parishes in the Diocese permission to return to the practice of sharing communion wine in the chalice (“common cup”), with some important exceptions. The Vestry and clergy have discussed it and we are now ready to move forward with communion wine.
We recognize that not everyone will be comfortable drinking from a shared chalice. With that in mind, please be aware of the following:

Sunday Night Suppers

Sunday Night Suppers is a free, community meal offered by Park Ridge churches and organizations on Sunday Nights to any family or individual who is in need or wishes to share a meal with others, no questions asked.
Sunday Night Suppers is accomplished through the shared ministry of the Park Ridge Ministerial Association, and St. Mary’s partners with Park Ridge Presbyterian Church as co-hosts of this ministry.

Please Help Us Restock the Exodus Welcome Pack Closet

With the donations from St. Mary's Exodus Welcome Pack Closet, we have been able to supply and deliver many Welcome Packs this year. We plan to maintain the closet as a resource to Exodus and the refugees they welcome to the Chicago area. This means it needs to be well stocked to build a pack at any time. Our collection is starting to run thin, so we've created a wish list of items in need.

LINK: https://signup.com/go/ccyKzRU

CONTACT: katelhannigan@gmail.com