• Blessed Mary

  • Rev Patrick J Skutch, Rector

  • Reverend Kate Spelman

  • Rev David Grauer, Deacon

  • Rev Laurie Michaels, Deacon

Consecration Postponed: Message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

In a video recorded July 27th in Chicago, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry announced that the ordination and consecration of Bishop-elect Paula Clark has been postponed from August 28 to a date to be determined in consultation with the bishop-elect and her doctors.

Click here to watch the video on you tube.

"We continue to have every expectation that Bishop-elect Clark will make a recovery enabling her to serve as the bishop of Chicago," he said. "But we are not there yet. Please hear me when I say, we are not there yet !"

Re-opening Safely | Update June 22, 2021

We will no longer require reservations for church.  Social distancing and capacity limits will no longer be enforced.  We are back to “Everyone is Welcome”.

You may enter and exit church through any door.

We will continue to recommend mask wearing to everyone unless they are seated in their pew.  This includes entering and exiting church and when receiving communion.  We request non-vaccinated persons, including children,  wear a mask even when seated.  Please note that all the clergy and staff are fully vaccinated.

Congregational Singing is still discouraged, per recommendations from the Diocese.

We will continue to stream the  service live on facebook every Sunday.

If you need to visit the church office, hours continue to be Monday through Friday, 9 am – noon.  Masks are optional during office hours.  No appointment is necessary.

We appreciate that there is a lot of change and uncertainty as COVID restrictions are removed.  We are committed to opening up St Mary's for all of us in the safest way possible.  If you have questions, please contact Christina Rompon our parish administrator at 847-823-4126.


Children's Formation to begin September 12th at 9:45AM

We will resume our regular children's formation this  fall. We will meet in the Grauer Lounge at 9:45 am for a gathering time. 9:45 am is when you should arrive to drop off the children. As a group, the teachers will then move to the classroom with the children. Finally, the children will return to their families before communion in the church.

Nursery Grand Reopening August 22nd

We are excited to announce that the nursery will be open during the 10:15 am church service starting at 9:45 am until the end of the Sunday Service.

As a reminder, nursery is available for children 3 years and under.

All staff are fully vaccinated and will wear masks. We will clean and disinfect every time we meet.

We ask that you also wear a mask when picking up and dropping off our little friends to keep everyone safe.

Music Ministry Update

We are overjoyed to announce that the St. Mary’s Parish Choir will be starting up again! These 18 months have been more than difficult, and we are so grateful for all the support you have given us as we worked to continue to provide music to support and enhance our weekly liturgies.  We can’t wait, however, to be back in person! 

For those interested in joining or returning, we will have a choir retreat on Saturday, September 11th from 9-12, to prepare for our first Sunday back on September 12th.  Sunday rehearsals will be from 8:30-9:45am before the 10:15 liturgy. 

Walking in Wonder | July 20 and August 24

“Bless to us, O God,

The earth beneath our feet.

Bless to us, O God,

The path whereon we go,

Bless to us, O God,

The people whom we meet. “

                                         Celtic Prayer

Wonder walks are times of intentionally searching for awe and wonder while immersing your journey in prayer and mindfulness. It is a time to walk leisurely, at a pace that suits you, and absorb the wonders of God that are before you.

About Saint Mary's

Saint Mary's Purpose is to pursue and recognize heaven on Earth through relationship with God and service to others and one another.

Welcome to our web site. We would be delighted to have you visit Saint Mary's. 

Everyone is welcome to participate in our frequent acitivites or study groups on spirituality, social justice, education, health, and fellowship. If you are interested in exploring membership please contact Father Patrick Skutch at patrickskutch@stmaryspr.org or 847-823-4126.

About the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church is a gathering of all kinds of people who put their trust in Jesus of Nazareth as Lord and Savior, who believe that God loves all people, and who want to share God’s love, peace, and forgiveness with everyone we encounter. We want to follow Jesus and his teachings in our daily lives

Parish Leadership and Governance Documents

Information regarding governance and the most recent Parish Annual Report can be found here. 

St. Mary's Core Values:
Seek God.  Love one another.  Serve others.

St. Mary’s Provides:
Worship, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Formation, and Fellowship

Anchors For Decision Making:

  • Use and share our physical resources/space to do outreach service  
  • Engage the geographic community of Park Ridge and the surrounding region
  • Form vital spiritual practices to launch disciples into the world
  • Ask "What is God up to here?"