Annual Pledge Card - 2023

Our fall fundraising campaign theme  is More Than Enough. It comes from the end of Luke's version of the feeding of the five-thousand (Luke 9:16-17). Responding to Jesus' call, the gathered crowd turns their pockets inside out, shakes out their blankets, and discovers that they have more than enough to take care of the needs of the community. Our pledge campaign is like that ancient story: each of us contributing what we can provides enough-enough to fund our operations, serve our neighbors, and fulfill our missions.  We invite you to reflect on the abandunce God has shared with you, and on all of the blessings and gifts we share at St. Mary's, and to share a portion of your wealth to help sustain our congregation and supply our mission.

Please prayerfully consider your financial pledge for the coming year and submit this form as soon as you are able.

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I/we commit the following financial pledge to St. Mary's for 2023.
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